Preventing Injury in Canoe Slalom

7 Nov

Canoe Slalom happens in a dynamic environment when on white water. Making sure that your body is properly warmed up and ready for this environment is key to producing your best results and keeping yourself injury free. Over the past few weeks the coaches here at Canoe Slalom BOP have been working away in the background to create the following resources that will be useful for you the Canoe Slalom athlete:

Canoe Slalom Warm Up

Preventing Injury - Prehab for Canoe Slalom Athletes

As you can see the Warm Up/ Cool Down and Prehab Exercises don't require a huge amount of time but they can reap huge rewards. Over the next few weeks we are going to check in with Club Athletes and see how you are getting on with these drills so don't be shy lets see you on the water early or getting the stretchy bands out!!!