Canoe Slalom Bay of Plenty

What is Canoe Slalom? 

Canoe Slalom is one of the most spectacular watersports, demanding skill, stamina and courage. The aim is to negotiate a series of gates suspended over on a section of white water as fast as possible and without touching.

Pitting yourself against powerful water is what makes slalom an exciting sport that always challenges. 

By joining CSBOP you will make new friends while learning about rivers and the natural environment.

Our motto is "Paddle for Fun, Race to Win"

Join the CSBOP Community! 

If you are looking to join the club to get involved with training or recieve communication click here. Choose whether you would like to "Register only" or "Have a go/Free trial" - there's something for everyone! 

Alternatively, to find out how to get into the sport of canoe slalom in the Bay of Plenty contact:  or

We look forward to seeing you on the river!


30 Jun
Canoe Slalom BOP Prize Giving 2020
9 Jun
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