Paddler Pathways

Canoe Slalom BOP has coaches out on the water or on the river bank every day of the week. These coaches work with a huge range of paddlers from those just beginning their journey through to those who represent New Zealand at Junior, U23 and Senior Level.

To cater for the needs of such a diverse group, Canoe Slalom BOP, along with Canoe Slalom New Zealand, has developed two separate syllabuses.

These are:

Paddle Passport

5 Star Award.

The Paddle Passport syllabus is an entry level programme to get started in kayaking. There are four levels to the programme and at completion paddlers have the ability to perform basic kayaking strokes in a flat water environment.

The 5 Star Award is a progression from the paddle passport for those who want to further develop their skills through the sport of Canoe Slalom. This award has 5 levels and set criteria must be met at each level to achieve the award.

For more information about the club training programmes or to get involved please contact Matt McKnight via or 0220700817