New members:

We are always keen to welcome new members to the Club, so if you want to be part of the biggest Canoe Slalom Club in New Zealand then make sure to join up!

Why should you join?

Canoe Slalom BOP is the largest Canoe Slalom Club in New Zealand.  When you join the Club you have access to our daily training programme which is run and operated by professional coaches who have been employed from overseas to make sure that the club has the highest level of coach working for us.

You will also receive a discounted rate at camps run throughout the year and for races run by Canoe Slalom BOP.

Alongside this your membership money is used to help fund all aspects of the club from coaching programmes, to van running costs and the purchase of new equipment.


Please complete all registration details below.  If you are a new paddler (Novice) please feel free to contact our coach Matt McKnight at or Ph 022 070 0817 if you have any queries.  Otherwise, proceed with the below registration and Matt will be in contact with you after registration to introduce himself.