Coach Matt

Coach Matt has been involved in paddle sport from a young age dabbling in many different disciplines before finally settling with Canoe Slalom, he raced for Team Ireland in C1 at Senior, U23 and Junior level until 2013. Matt joined Canoe Slalom BOP from Northern Ireland where he spent a 2-year period working for the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland as a Talent Coach. During this time, he worked with Senior, U23 and Junior athletes in Canoe Slalom at an International Level alongside implementing grassroots development within the country. Matt is in charge of the Novice Programme, developing new coaches and coaching opportunities through Coach Force. He also manages much of the club administration. You will see Matt on the river bank or in his boat and is always keen to meet new people so don’t be afraid to come and say hello!

Coach Nadjib

Coach Nadjib was a C1 athlete and was part of the Elite division for several years in France. He joined the Algeria team in 2010 to compete in Slalom and Sprint. He has won several African titles (double African champion, winner of maputo African games in 2011…etc.) Since he was 18, he has shared his passion with the young people of his club. He has been coaching the competition team in his province for more than 3 years. In 2015 he started to develop the sprint as a national coach for 4 years. It was a great success as Algeria moved from 4th to 2nd in the African ranking. And the Algerian team has reached 10 gold medals per continental championship. Now he wants to discover a new horizon, a new culture and share his experience. He is coaching the performance group in Canoe Slalom BOP His philosophy is to live a human relationship by sharing the same passion and helping to achieve the goals of the athletes.