Alert Level 1

9 Jun

On the 8th June 2020, New Zealand celebrated 0 new cases for the 17th consecutive day but more importantly for the first time since the outbreak, there were zero active cases. This fantastic achievement which has made NZ the envy of the rest of the world was made even better by the announcement that NZ would move to Alert Level 1 at 23:59pm.

This move to Alert Level 1 means that all restrictions which had been put in place by Canoe Slalom New Zealand and Canoe Slalom BOP have been now been lifted. This is fantastic news for and means that we can now go back to business as usual and begin gym sessions and start planning for the first races and camps post Covid-19.

Whilst all the restrictions may have ended, the government is still asking everyone to keep track of their movements to enable contract tracing if Covid-19 resurfaces again. As such Canoe Slalom BOP will continue our contract monitoring process until otherwise advised. We would advise that our members still keep a diary of their movements as well.

We would also encourage all our members to continue their good hygiene practices. As we move into winter there is also a risk of cold and flu infections that we don’t want spread around. To help stop this spread we would recommend:

  • Continue to wash and dry your hands before and after all training sessions
  • Continuing to practice good cough/sneeze etiquette and avoiding touching your face
  • We will continue to ask paddlers to disinfect their hands before entering the Club Vans, Waimarino, Gym Sessions and other CSBOP Venues
  • Make sure to put discarded tissues into waste bins.
  • People who are unwell especially with cold and flu-like symptoms should stay away

We must always remember that it is a privilege for us all to be able to get out on the water and paddle with our friends and whānau. This is an experience that many around the world are still unable to do so we must stay vigilant against Covid-19.